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Statistics of your MMR score


What’s MMR ?


MMR is a term used to distinguish players from the least skilled to the most skilled. MMR is the abbreviation of MatchMaking Rating, it is a system of individual skill points which is intended to be hidden by Riot Games, the American company develops the game League of Legends which are the only ones to have access to its data. Its individual skill points make it possible to classify players according to their personal level, because it is assumed that league of legends players all have the same MMR during their clashes. This is why in the normal game (the games of League of Legends that are not based on an official ranking), you will almost never fall for Platinum (one of the highest ranks in League of Legends) if you just started the game at level 30 or less whether this one practices smurfing, which is a high-ranking player deciding to recreate a new account or that you troll your ranked games and always emerge victorious from your normals. It is interesting to know that chronologically, the MMR is first a system used in chess which aimed to estimate the level of a chess player, The objective of which was to generate level equity between the players, a player possessing a great MMR against another player of the same level. The system was later democratized and was adopted by other competitive games like LoL in order to balance its games.


🧮 How does the site calculate my mmr lol ?


Since his data wants to be hidden by lol, we were content estimates approximate with an accuracy of plus or minus(±) 95%. This is why when estimating your MMR, the ± symbol will appear next to your score mmr, indicating that there is a discrepancy of around 200 points. Imagine you have a score of 1300, your actual score would probably be between 1200 and 1400. This data may vary depending on your games and your score, the more you win of part with a good score, the more your mmr goes up, and conversely, the more games you lose and end up with a very bad score, the lower your mmr lol. He is important of note than your MMR is likely to change depending on the number of games played, plus your games increase, the more accurate the MMR will be.

👨🏻‍💻 Why is my profile not showing ?


You must check the region in which your account is located, in fact the region changes depending on of the country of residence. For example, a user located in France will be on the EUW server, while an American will be in the NA region. If you want to know the region in which your account was registered, you must click on "parameter" which is located at the top right from the launcher when starting lol then go to the "League of legends" tab, the region is indicated in brackets in "Current version".

🏆 How does MMR affect Ranked LP ?


In the league system, in addition to your MMR, ranked games allow you to get or lose LP (League Points). League points vary based on your MMR score and average score mmr for your rank, let's imagine that you emerge victorious from a game with an average MMR higher of your rank, you will get more LP than you deprive. Conversely, if you are in below the average MMR you will lose more LP. Be informed that the old ranking system that Riot Games used (the ranking elo) has deleted in season 3.

🏃 Does dodding affect my MMR ?


The dodge, which consists of leaving the game client during a champion selection will not influence not on your MMR score, however, during a ranked game, you will also have penalty of waiting line LP parts.

⚖️ Why are my lol parts unbalanced ?


As we have seen, MMR is a system as old as the game itself, It is surely certain that Riot Games had to evolve its calculation methods since the time, for so much this one does not seem exact to you, but then why? Due to the popularity of the League of Legends game, some people scrupulous use eloboost services, which allow them to pass levels in the system of leagues then that their gaming experience theoretically does not allow them to reach them, what can cause great imbalances during the games if the main user of the account play again on his account at the higher rank level. Players practicing eloboost are often pointed on point in game and are called "boosted players". They interfere with the gaming experience of players and can cause snowball effects of toxic behaviors from their own allies (We remind you, however, that in addition to the practice of eloboost, flaming is also strongly reprimanded by Riot Games regardless of your reason for doing so) this type of part remains relatively rare, so we advise you to take your trouble in patience and promote despite everything the teamwork. The other effect that can cause you this feeling is that if you have an MMR of 1400 in as a solo player, and you come across a team of 4 players with two players at 1200 and two others at 1600, you will sometimes have the feeling of playing in 3V7, see 2V8 if one of the 2 players is not in his best days.

🥇 List of best sites to improve are lol mmr

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❓ The lol MMR FAQ

The MMR (MatchMaking Rating) is a formula used by Riot Games to assess the level of individual skill of a player. It allows a distinction between competent and less competent players in order to create a game balance during in-game confrontations.

The mmr score is hidden by Riot games, that's why than our site is content with rough estimates with an accuracy of plus or minus(±) 95%.

Verify that the server region matches your account. To check your region, launch the League of Legend launcher, click Settings at the top right (Represented by a pictogram) then click : League of legends, the current version is your game region.